Who is Julie? – Part I

blog-1Hello everyone! My name is Julie. Welcome to my very first blog post, the reason why I wanted to write to you is to open up about my life, my story, and anything that I can share. I hope that you can relate to me more through this blog.

On today’s blog I want to share to you about my work. Many of you might know me just as Julie Taslim, Joe Taslim’s wife. Or maybe you might know me as the nail-art lady haha! I think more than one time I expressed how much I love doing nail-art. Which is true, I do love nail-art, fashion, and of course travelling. One thing that people might not know about me is that through my work and travel I love meeting new people. I find it fascinating hearing people’s life story and their background.

As you know at the moment I have a nail-art studio name Onnie. I partner up with a Korean friend where this business expand to eyelash extension and brows. I don’t know if I mention this a lot, but I also have a clothing line, which is the oldest business that I have been doing since I was 16. I think it is safe to say that I like being an entrepreneur.

Aside from these two business, I have a dream. I think everybody have a dream. My dream is to built a factory that makes packaging (cute ones of course!) and other daily items that is rare to find here in Indonesia. When I travel I try to always find things around me, that inspires me to do something. I tend to dig around my life and see what drives me to keep dreaming and waking up every morning.

I know that I’m a lucky woman, having these many aspirations in my life that I wanted to do, with the support from my own husband who tends to me when I needed him. Joe is a big part of my career as well. He lend me his ears and hands every time I need it. So, yes! I’m lucky and blessed. Well, that is a little bit of me for now. I hope you enjoy reading it. Until next time!





7 thoughts on “Who is Julie? – Part I

  1. XFei says:

    I knew Julie since we were 14 or 15. I was a tomboy who did not care about what to wear. She was there for me, and for many of our friends, helped us with fashion, make up and all other things. Very street smart, great listener, fearless and would explore anything to experience life. She is an achiever but yet remain humble. All the best for the future xoxo

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  2. Nana says:

    Yes onnie, packaging is always great idea, i have dreaming about that too.. apalagi art supply kayak di jepang yg super cute! Well, wish the best for our dream yah. Fighting!


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