Warsaw & Amsterdam Trip

Last week I just came home from my trip with Joe, for his commercial shoot. The shoot was in Warsaw, Poland. Right after the shoot we decided to extend and went to Amsterdam for two nights.


Hello Europe!

I started the trip by flying out with Garuda to Singapore, then from there to Paris with Air France, continuing to Warsaw with KLM with total of 22 hours of flying and 3 layover. Usually the night before flying, I force myself to wake up the whole night, so that I can sleep in the airplane (haha!) but if I happened to wake up… I  just watch a lot of movies.

My first impression of Warsaw is how this city is so quiet and reminded me a bit of the suburban in London. The language there is so strange and I heard it is one of the most difficult language to learn. Also their currency apparently is not of Euro dollar but PLN (not the electricity company haha). The rate for 1 PLN is around IDR 3450 which is shockingly cheap. Warsaw overall is a nice small town and I quite enjoy it there.


Team Warsaw

My highlight in Warsaw was the companion. There I met a few new friends, there’s Ryan who calls himself as “Barbie” (he is just funny) then Ajeng a very honest kind hearted woman I have ever met. Also I got the chance to know Bunga Citra Lestari with her manager Doddy and Kiefer her hairstylist. I spend a lot of time with them through out the shooting days. So fun!


Gucci Shoes

Through out the shooting days, I still manage to shop and bought this shoes which everybody loves including me recommended by Bunga!



Finally after long shooting days me and Joe got to spend a mini getaway in Amsterdam. Now this city is more like my kind of city. It has such a fun vibe there and I stayed at W Amsterdam. Three words for W hotel, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I feel like this hotel has a very unique design, located at a very prime location. I can just walk out and start shopping.


W Hotel



Coffee House



The Bulldog

One of the things that made me enjoy Amsterdam more is because everywhere I went whether it is a cafes, stores or restaurants their interior design is to die for.


Behind the curtain

Cuteness overload over these fitting rooms. I just can’t put words on how much they are so creative, creating these designs.


Looks like a beach house

I know you might find it a bit funny, but these are the things that intrigues me wherever I travel. I did a bit of shopping in Amsterdam and food hopping (wherever I go always Asian food). If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see me posting this one restaurant name “Sie Joe”, it was an Indonesian food that we tried out.


This water brand is just…


Matryoshka Store

On the last day, we were being spontaneous and we ordered Sweet Escape. Thanks to David, we manage to get a last minute photographer and of course having a blast taking pictures around the city. So definitely I will be sharing that part on my next blog. For now these are some of the highlights from my trip. Hope you enjoy reading it. Until next time!





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