Me & Petit Bateau

As you know fashion is one of my life’s passion. This month I get the opportunity to collaborate with Petit Bateau. It is a French based brand that I have been visiting from time to time at Plaza Indonesia. This brand carries children and mother clothing, they are so chic and classic!


Raara & I in Petit Bateau

On the 10th September I had the opportunity to be featured in Prestige magazine (on next November issue) with Petit Bateau. My three children and I was at the photoshoot, like usual Raara was the happiest when it comes to photoshoot and make up. She is the little version of me and Joe combined. Whereas my other two, they are are not exactly as enthusiastic as Raara, but Mika and Hiero they did it like a pro, because it is not their first  on the set with me or Joe. The photoshoot was running well and we love the Petit Bateau new collections.


Joe is always documenting




Love the make up artist!


Us in Petit Bateau

Then last weekend on 23rd September, we went for their new collections launching preview at their store in Plaza Indonesia. I love the theme, all sailor and stripy mood. This time it was just me and Raara because the other two was still in school, she was on her school holiday. We were hosting for the launch of the collection. I invited a couple of guests and two of my friends were there Sagita and Marion, her daughter (she is Raara’s best friend, they are practically twins) also Vivie (she happened to be my loyal customer at Onnie Studio) and her daughter, Hannah.


Sailor & Stripes!


Shop! Shop!


At the cashier…

One thing that I really like from clothing is not the trend, it should be comfortable and long lasting. Fashion is not always about trend anyway, it is about expressing who you are. For me brand like Petit Bateau is on point, the design is mostly about comfort and personalisation. I had total fun collaborating with Petit Bateau.


Sagita & I


Raara & her twins Marion in Petit Bateau


Vivie & I


Play dates

By the way, if you want to know more what kind of fashion I’m into… leave a comment below and like this blog. I will talk to you again soon. Until next time!







A decade and more…

Last September 11th, part of the world probably remembered the day as the 9/11 incident in New York. But for me and Joe, we were celebrating our 11th years together. Today I want to share the story of our 10th anniversary celebration (I have been wanting to tell this story). Before I hop into my story, I want to say thank you to all of you who has been commenting and reading my blog. I’d love to hear more from you, so feel free to leave a message down below.

Now, let me tell you my story.

Last year, Joe and I celebrated our anniversary in New Zealand. We are that kind of couple, always travelling here and there. So we went for an adventurous anniversary, we went for cliff jumping, bungee jumping, picnic on a mountain peak, then helicopter ride to ice mountain and so many other things we did.





Then on that trip I thought of a brilliant idea, it was a special year, 10 years filled with joy and tears. So I planned a surprise for Joe, it took me two months to prepare everything. I wanted to renew our vow as we have passed 10 years together. All of this idea came from this romantic couple David and Fen (the owner of Axioo and Sweet Escape), their romance is just refreshing and inspiring.


My mom helped me arrange with the priest and I had helped from Joe’s manager to came up with the idea on how we were going to surprise him on that day. I had @axioo team for the photo and video, @momogi the make up artist,  I got this pretty dress from @monicaivena, and @fairyflossparty as the decorations with @kalalilidesigns for the chair decorations. The whole time I prepared this, I was a bit nervous that Joe will found out, he checked my phone a couple of times to get people’s contact number while I was texting with a few vendor. Thank God he never found out because by nature my husband doesn’t go snooping around on my personal things.




On the big day of the surprise, I told Joe that me and the children will be attending a birthday party (he didn’t suspect anything) while Joe’s manager told him that he was going to attend a wedding party later on that day as a guest star (so he had to put on a nice suit). We left the house at 10 am then I started my make up at 11 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Onfive.




It was a beautiful ceremony and dinner, just us and our close friends and family. I can not ask for more than this. This year we didn’t really do much, we have been travelling a lot, so we have been spending a lot of time together. We thought to keep it casual this year. But nothing is casual regarding how I feel towards my husband. I know that I love him always, today, tomorrow and the next fifty years. It doesn’t has to be on an anniversary day, with all the flowers, special gifts or even the fancy dinner, I’ll make sure that he knows how much I love him, because no one else understand me like he did.  So there you go, a little bit of me and Joe, hope you like it. Until next time!



Amsterdam City With Sweet Escape

Our last minute ideas was realized when I contacted David Soong, the owner of Sweet Escape and a friend of ours. Me and Joe has work together with him and his wife before. Being such a good friend, David arranged for us a photographer for our last day in Amsterdam. Yes! we were lucky, a photographer was available for us.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-64

Sunset in Amsterdam

Our photographer’s name was Danny and he brought his wife, Ezra. They are such a fun couple and awesome host. We started our photo session in the hotel at 7pm, I was lucky again because the sun sets way later when it is Summer in Amsterdam.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-9

W Hotel

Then we continue the shoot, going around the urban streets from the hotel. Everywhere we shoot it was such a good spot to take picture. I love how this city has many old unique historical building.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-50

Bicycle Corner

Almost every corner in the city is a bicycle parking space. Apparently people in Amsterdam love cycling more than other form of transport. I also heard that some bicycles price is as expensive as a car (not sure if I want to buy that haha).

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-81

By the canals

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-118

Not the expensive bike

We finished at 9pm and the couple took us out for a walk on our way back to the hotel. Would love to seem them again next time we are in Amsterdam. I will be posting more photos in the gallery. If you are ever outside this country and in need of great pictures on the go, you should try Sweet Escape. Until next time!