Amsterdam City With Sweet Escape

Our last minute ideas was realized when I contacted David Soong, the owner of Sweet Escape and a friend of ours. Me and Joe has work together with him and his wife before. Being such a good friend, David arranged for us a photographer for our last day in Amsterdam. Yes! we were lucky, a photographer was available for us.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-64

Sunset in Amsterdam

Our photographer’s name was Danny and he brought his wife, Ezra. They are such a fun couple and awesome host. We started our photo session in the hotel at 7pm, I was lucky again because the sun sets way later when it is Summer in Amsterdam.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-9

W Hotel

Then we continue the shoot, going around the urban streets from the hotel. Everywhere we shoot it was such a good spot to take picture. I love how this city has many old unique historical building.

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-50

Bicycle Corner

Almost every corner in the city is a bicycle parking space. Apparently people in Amsterdam love cycling more than other form of transport. I also heard that some bicycles price is as expensive as a car (not sure if I want to buy that haha).

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-81

By the canals

Julie Taslim-Amsterdam-118

Not the expensive bike

We finished at 9pm and the couple took us out for a walk on our way back to the hotel. Would love to seem them again next time we are in Amsterdam. I will be posting more photos in the gallery. If you are ever outside this country and in need of great pictures on the go, you should try Sweet Escape. Until next time!






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