Me & Petit Bateau

As you know fashion is one of my life’s passion. This month I get the opportunity to collaborate with Petit Bateau. It is a French based brand that I have been visiting from time to time at Plaza Indonesia. This brand carries children and mother clothing, they are so chic and classic!


Raara & I in Petit Bateau

On the 10th September I had the opportunity to be featured in Prestige magazine (on next November issue) with Petit Bateau. My three children and I was at the photoshoot, like usual Raara was the happiest when it comes to photoshoot and make up. She is the little version of me and Joe combined. Whereas my other two, they are are not exactly as enthusiastic as Raara, but Mika and Hiero they did it like a pro, because it is not their first  on the set with me or Joe. The photoshoot was running well and we love the Petit Bateau new collections.


Joe is always documenting




Love the make up artist!


Us in Petit Bateau

Then last weekend on 23rd September, we went for their new collections launching preview at their store in Plaza Indonesia. I love the theme, all sailor and stripy mood. This time it was just me and Raara because the other two was still in school, she was on her school holiday. We were hosting for the launch of the collection. I invited a couple of guests and two of my friends were there Sagita and Marion, her daughter (she is Raara’s best friend, they are practically twins) also Vivie (she happened to be my loyal customer at Onnie Studio) and her daughter, Hannah.


Sailor & Stripes!


Shop! Shop!


At the cashier…

One thing that I really like from clothing is not the trend, it should be comfortable and long lasting. Fashion is not always about trend anyway, it is about expressing who you are. For me brand like Petit Bateau is on point, the design is mostly about comfort and personalisation. I had total fun collaborating with Petit Bateau.


Sagita & I


Raara & her twins Marion in Petit Bateau


Vivie & I


Play dates

By the way, if you want to know more what kind of fashion I’m into… leave a comment below and like this blog. I will talk to you again soon. Until next time!







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