Who is Julie? – Part II

I realize that “Who is Julie?” is the most visited post since day one I started this blog. I know that many of you would like to know me better and I love that! That is one of my reasons why I started this blog anyway. On today’s “Who Is Julie?”…I’m going to share with you about Onnie Studio that I have established with my partner since March 2014.


I originally started to learn to do nail art is because of my love towards art and such. I was a student to my partner Ms. Lissa, who is a Korean and has been living in Jakarta for quite a while now. Isn’t that awesome !? Since then I have 9 years experience doing nail arts. Until today… doing people’s nails and transforming their hands into a beautiful art has always brings me passion and joy. That is why I decided to open Onnie Studio!


In the beginning we were just doing nail art and eye lash extension but after 6 months of opening, we decided to add eyebrow embroidery. When I open this salon, I aim to not just make women in Jakarta to be more beautiful and confident … but to have a wonderful experience at onnie! We know as women (at least for me) when we go to any salon and we’re having a girls day out we want to have the best service and the best quality with a good decent price. That’s why I tried my best to cater that to the market and thankfully until today many people like Onnie Studio.


My partner and i train our staff strictly. We want to make sure they have a good understanding in what they do, why are they doing it and of course every single one of them got to have the skills to do so. I am very particular when it comes to customer service. That is something that I must invest well on each staff that I trained so that they can represent me on the service that I want to show to all of you who wants to be pampered.


Most of all, from this business, I love it when I’m doing someone’s nails. I get to meet people (as I mentioned before). I get to know many new individuals, hear their stories and exchange theirs with my life. How beautiful that is !? You know by getting to know people so many times that I just share some of beauty tips while chatting with the customers (us girls gotta share our beauty secrets haha! sharing is caring!).

So that is what “Onnie Studio” is all about. It is a part of my daily life, part of my passion and dreams, definitely part of my future that I want to keep developing too. I hope you enjoy reading this part of who I am. Until next time!






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