Movie Choice – November 2016

Surprise! Surprise! I’m a movie junkie! Well…I don’t think that is a mystery, anyone who knows me well enough should know that I love watching movies. So on today’s blog I’m going to talk about some of my favorite movie and my movie choice of the month.


This is a must-see-movie! You wouldn’t want to miss this one. This movie is by Mel Gibson, the same person who made The Passion of The Christ (so this movie also has it’s gory side). The main reason why I love this movie is because it’s a true story. I’m a huge fan of a true story movie, it gives me a sense of understanding towards life from other perspective. And of course the movie’s moral story moved my heart, that is life is about process and progress. Even in times of war depicted in the movie, what matters is that you never give up. Whether it is upholding your faith or marrying the girl of your dream, we’ve got to be persistent.

Aside from this movie, there are several movies that I want to share with you. My all time favorite as well and a few that I can watch over and over again is this Korean Drama (I know right? What else? Haha, us women need to see a good drama), the title of the movie is “Oh My Venus”. The story is about a woman who’s loosing her weight naturally without plastic surgery, where as you know in Korea everybody does it. Again it’s the moral of the story that attracts me as well.


Here’s a few more of the movie that I like; Headhunter, 3 Idiots (this is a good one, so inspiring!), PK, Kungfu Hustle (this is just super hilarious!), The Mermaids, Cj7, Me Before You (one of the best romantic story), Old boy (the Korean one and if you are under 17 don’t watch this haha), I saw The Devil , Schindler’s List (get lots of tissue before watching this) and last but not the least The Hundred Foot Journey (if you love cooking and enjoy culinary art, this is a MUST!).

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When I watch a movie, most of the time I watch it with Joe. Our movie taste happens to be the same. We always share the same interest and comment the same way and we always talk about the movie after we watch it. For me there are a couple of elements that is important to create a good movie. The main thing of course is the director but the details such as acting of the casts, the cinematography and as well as the story are as important, I don’t like stories that doesn’t make sense, that is what I pay attention to when I watch a movie. Well, that’s about it for now. Until next time!






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