Hello 2017!

This year, the year of 2016 is almost over and today I want to rewind and reset with you. It is always nice to rethink about our life closing into the new year. I bet that 2017 will be as festive as this year or it might be as hard as this year. Whatever the feeling is towards this year I hope this blog can inspire you to have great resolution for next year.


For me 2016 was a colorful year, I’ve had my fun travelling quite a lot this year. Especially when I was traveling to Poland and Amsterdam. That was definitely the highlight of this year’s travel. Though I’ve had my tough process managing Onnie Studio while at it. Getting my business to keep running smooth was not as easy everybody thought it is. A busy business means a bigger maintenance on the people that is working for me. Maintaining people is harder than the business itself, a couple of major setbacks with the people happened this year, but overall Onnie Studio is my joy.

Now, usually around this time of the year I’m spending the holiday with my family somewhere out of town. But this year like I mentioned in the beginning I choose to stay in Jakarta and relax at home, it helps me to rewind and reset. Here are my wishes…

So this end of year I’m making a promise to myself that next year I will be even better. Better as a person (a business woman and a mother), to be more mature because let’s face it in life we constantly need to grow, also I need to think more forward and keep learning new things. Lastly I have to be more discipline with anything that I do. As for my dreams next year is that…maybe and hopefully I can finally get on Disney Cruise. I have always dreamt of it, it’s part of my bucket list.

So… last but not least my end of year message for you all women is to stay kind inside, be nice to each other because I always believe what comes around goes around. Kindness is all we can use and give in these current time with things happening around the world. All in all, be generous and loving towards anybody that you meet and share peace with them.

That is it from me today, from this last day of 2016. I wish you a Happy New Year! Until next time!




Raara ‘Quinn’ Birthday Party

I want to share this unique story of how my four years old Raara wanted a Harley Quinn theme birthday… I was definitely surprised when I found out about that (haha). The thing you should know about me is that I’m not much of a birthday-party-person. But Raara seems to really love going to her friend’s birthday party. So last month I made her dream birthday party, the Harley Quinn birthday themed (even though I have tried to convinced her with other theme she still wants Harley).


The venue that I picked was just walking distance from home, I picked a function hall so that I can bring in the caterer of my choice. My first choice was getting the food from this catering named Delima, but after I rethink about it I think it’s better if I just bring in the food myself. Besides I had helped from my PA and ┬áMari my sister, they were so helpful while my schedule was quite packed last month.


The most challenging part was getting Raara’s costume, I ordered from Etsy like a month before and yet after two weeks the costume had not arrived, I started to scout somewhere else and here. Indonesia is quite hard to find unique costume like that. At least the easiest decision was the decor, I always love Fairy Floss Party (@fairyflossparty) even though many other decor vendors want to give me an endorsement, I always use Fairy Floss Party.




Photo and documentation was an easy choice as well, like always by Axioo. For the goodie bags I use @sweetfavor. Their design is really cute. For the cake vendor I choose @galeriedecake. After all of the nitty gritty has been done, closing to the birthday date, I realize we didn’t have any chair for the guests. Fortunately I remember @kalalilidesigns, they have nice selections of chair designs for events and thanks to Stephanie they are available in such short notice.


All in all I got to say that everything went well. The birthday was festive and fun. Also thank God that on that day it didn’t rain, because usually it rains in the afternoon. I’m so glad that Raara was a happy baby that day. That is all from me today, until next time!