My Four Year Commitment

Hello everyone, I feel bad that I have not been posting any blog for the past month. Life has been busy since the holiday. I hope you all are doing well this beginning of the year. On today’s post I want to share with you about my four years commitment with this thing that I do. For four years long I have been in a committed relationship with my eyelash extension. I know you might think this blog will be purely advertising medium for my Onnie Studio, but I’m going to stop you right there. This is not a shameless promo or some sort like that(hehe)… instead this is a post that will help for those who has been using eyelash extension like me (whether you are Onnie Studio’s customer or not). Also this will help you to make a decision whether you want to start wearing it or not.
First of all I need to tackle this one myth that everybody has been saying about eyelash extensions; “will my eyelash gone bold after a long wear?”. My answer is deffinitely “NO” and I am the living proof. Then what are the causes that some people’s lashes gone bald after wearing it?
First of all I have to explain this, the human error factor. Usually, i’m not trying to bad talk other eyelash extension place, the therapist puts the fake lashes too closely to the root. Also if they didn’t put the glue correctly it will look be filling up spaces between the eyelash roots and cause the natural eyelash to fall more easily. While in other case the fake eyelash that is applied on the natural eyelash are too heavy and that can cause excessive fall out. And if you try to take off the extensions by force, that will definitely cause your natural eyelash to fall out.
So let me share with you how I have been taking care of my eyelash extension;
  1. Clean your eyes regularly, I know that sometimes people are worried that the make up remover will damage the extensions. But as long as you clean it with these guides it will be fine. If you wear a lot of make up, go ahead and take a cotton pad to clean the bigger area with a make up remover product. You can use a cotton bud for more detail cleansing. But leave the root, you can clean that up when you wash your face with your facial soap with the movement of the eyelash-shape direction. And even if you don’t wear make up, you still need to clean your whole face regularly (a clean face keeps your face young and fresh)
  2. Wear the right mascara. In order to keep the longevity of the extension make sure that your mascara is specifically for eyelash extension (yes, we sell at Onnie Studio hehe). This specific mascara (black one and transparent one) is water soluble, so it is so easy to clean. Plus it’s tear-drop proof, even if somehow you cry while wearing the black on, it won’t smudge all over your eyes since the formula is very light.
  3. Eyelash vitamin. This is a no brainer, even if you don’t wear extension like me, a vitamin for eyelash is good because it help your lashes grow even more and lushes.
If you follow these steps, your eyelash extension should be alright. Definitely regular touch up is needed. Also when you wear it, don’t be scared to touch your eyes, even if you rub it by accident it won’t be ruined. Plus our regular eyelash falls everyday (1-5 pcs a day) so your extensions will be the same. So don’t worry if you see a fall out, it’s totally normal. If you can get a proper place to put on your extensions and if you have found the perfect place try to maintain with the same person or place so that it will prevent from harsh treatment on your natural eye lash. That’s about it, until next time!