My Hiero

Have you ever looked at your child and realize that they have been growing so much that they started to act differently than the years before? I just realized this recently with my son, Hiero. On today’s post I want to share some of his funny peculiar behavior. I hope you enjoy the stories.

It all started with a pair of glasses. He has been looking at people wearing glasses and he wanted one for himself, he said at school he couldn’t really see the whiteboard. That time when he was younger and we can’t test his eyes yet, so when he is older we brought him to the optic and run a test for his eyesight. He wanted to wear the glass so badly and so he acted as if he couldn’t read any of the letter, from the largest to the smallest letter. I figure out that Hiero was just acting out so I told him, if he cannot read any of it we cannot make any glasses for him (parents out there must have known these white lies haha!). After saying that apparently he can read everything, his eyesight is perfect so then we give him a glasses that has no prescription just a glasses with UV protection. He was so happy, he wears it everyday and where ever he goes to. For quite sometime he thought he has a prescribed glasses, until we told him he has perfect eyesight.

Heiro and his hair, Hiero has a very straight up hair. I wanted to curl his hair (moms out there who like to dress up their children must understand this too). At first he really didn’t like the idea. well he refused it. I tried to convince him that it will look nice on him. So somehow along the way he let me do it. So we did it, we curl his hair ourselves. We bought the chemical and the tools to curl his hair and guess what? He loves it! A lot actually, he loves it so much he wouldn’t allow us to cut his hair. He is afraid if he cut it, the curl will go away. Today Hiero rocked his curled hair like never before.


And another unique funny story is Hiero and his muscles. I have no idea why this even started with him, it might be because of his father. Hiero does abs and biceps training, to see my son doing crunches and push ups every now and then is just quite funny and cute at the same time. These days everytime he remembers and get a chance to do it, he will be on the floor with a couple of push ups and sit ups. He would go proudly to us and show how much muscle he has grown. Such a funny boy!

I don’t know if you have any stories like this with your children. They are truly the joy of our lives as parents. For me to be able to see my children grow, these are really great moments in life. Whether they are doing their unique funny thing or achieving things at school, I love seeing them change every year. This is one of those good stories I just want to share with all of you. Maybe next time I will write about my other two children. Tell me your story on the comment section down below or leave a message at my Instagram. Until next time!




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