Traveling Can Be Easy

Hello everyone! Holiday is just around the corner. On today’s blog I want to share with you my tips and my favorites when it comes to planning my holiday trip. From the airline to the things that I packed inside of my bag. I hope this can help you prepare for your upcoming trip this holiday!

Let’s start with the airline, I am a Garuda (not sponsored by them) frequent flyer. When you like a certain airlines I would suggest you sign up for their membership and start collecting frequent flyer miles, this will give you so many benefits on your upcoming trip. So, for me Garuda is my favorite and I fly with it while collecting all the Garuda miles.


Then when I want to book a hotel, I will book from my favorite website (this is not sponsored as well hehe) which is Agoda. I have been booking trips with them and I’m always satisfied with the offer and the hotels selections.

Next let’s talk about baggages! As women I bet you all love to have space for all of your shopping spree on holiday. So I will always have a big luggages and a cabin because I only have a small purse to bring with me.

Let’s talk about the cabin first. Inside my cabin I actually bring a complete set of scarfs, make up bag, glasses, charger, spare clothes, a mini bath amenities, and hair iron. This is because of my bad experiences. I was stranded a couple of times at the airport because of some reasons and I didn’t have my luggage so having all this in my cabin will save my life (and maybe yours if this ever happen to you). I can comfortably shower and change when I need to.


When I bring the big luggages I will make sure I have a quite empty luggages so in other words pack lightly. You will want to have space when you shop a lot.  Especially when I go to Seoul I will always go with an empty luggage and came home with filled luggage. Even if I go to other countries I would do the same (women would understand what I meant) filling it up with stuff I can not buy in Jakarta.


After that when I reached the airport, there are only two things I would do. I will eat at the airport and I shop around the duty free (especially at the big airport abroad) before I boarded the airplane. Once I boarded and fly the things that I do within the airplane is movie marathon. Maybe catch some sleep on the red eye.

So, those are some things that I do for my holiday preps. The most important tips is to book everything in advanced. Don’t plan your holiday in a rush, make sure everything is well prepared. So we can get a good ticket price and good hotels. Especially if we need visas to visit certain place be mindful you might want to do that months in advanced.

There you go! I hope you can enjoy this year end holiday. I’ll talk to you soon. Until next time!






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