Holiday In The Land of Kimchi

As you know my business cause me to fly back and forth to Seoul. On this holiday season I want to share a little bit of my favorite thing about Seoul. I definitely enjoy my trip every time I go there, I’m just a little bit sick and tired of the flight. I wish Doraemon’s magic door exist that would be great! Anyways here are the things that I love from Seoul.


My favorite place to eat would be Baek Jeong BBQ, this is perfect if you love Korean BBQ. Then Nolbu Budae Jigae, this is basically a huge pot of dish with ramen inside, meats, spam, and other goodness. Then chicken and beer, Korean’s chicken is really good, this kind of shop is literally everywhere. If you like snacking go to Isaac Toast (it’s located all over Seoul, so easy to find). Lastly for dessert I love M Lady at Itaewon.

My favorite shopping spot would be Shinsaege Mall which located near Myeon Dong, Lotte Duty Free, Emart and Lottemart supermarket. These are basically malls and department store that I always go whenever I’m there. Next is Dong Dae Mun area, I guess a lot of you would know by now, this is where you do midnight shopping. The buildings that I usually go to is Doota and Migliore. Then there’s this market district right across Myeong Dong called the Nam Dae Mun. Another district called the Garo Su Gil which has lots and lots of cute cafes as well. Lastly of course Myeong Dong itself, this is just like Orchard Road in Singapore or Mongkok in Hongkong.


My favorite location to book a hotel is Myeong Dong for sure. This location is central and close to the northern side and the southern side (where Gang Nam and Garo Su Gil located), so it is a perfect location to book a hotel. Plus the shopping area is literally right there!

Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendation when it comes to sightseeing in Korea. Whenever I go there most of the time is for Style Onnies or Onnie Studio. But I still love going to Seoul. I think the experience on the city itself with the people and the food is great. If you have never been you should go at least once or twice in a lifetime.

Christmas and New Year is here, so I wish you a great holiday to all of you out there! Until next time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!