Holiday Marathon


Hello there! I am finally back and have been doing a couple of things after the holiday. If some of you have been following me on Instagram (@julietaslim) you would know by now that last holiday I was REALLY traveling. We went to two different parts of the world and on today’s blog I cannot wait to tell you about it.

The first half of the trip I went on a 13 days trip to Tokyo, Japan, followed up by 19 days trip to Europe (Genova, Oleggio, Milan, Paris). People might think it was such a long tiring trip but not for me, I am such an easy going person so it was a nice family holiday.

On the trip to Japan it was mostly our family with both of my mom and Joe’s mom. I like Tokyo, it’s a vibrant modern city with many to explore to. Lot’s of places to shop from the cheap ones to the expensive ones (you know how I like it? haha shopping is always part of my trip). The part that I like about shopping there was to hunt for good quality items, because I don’t need to shop for branded stuff all the time.

In Tokyo we went to theme parks, the trip was with my kids and they enjoyed the theme parks. We went to FujiQ and Disneyland for sure. If you have followed my social media you must have seen one of the story post when my kids was on of the extreme rides and I just watch them go hahaha. My favorite place to go to in Tokyo was Daiso, I love buying trivial stuff from Daiso. Another place that is similar to that and worth to look at is Tokyu Hands.


On our trip to Europe, we were actually invited by our friend Diana and Emanuelle to Genova. The amazing part of this trip was when my husband met the town mayor in Genova, he was a humble man who gave our family an exclusive tour at his office. Definitely an unforgettable one, the building was beautiful and historical.

This trip is a bit different with the one in Japan. In Europe it was a lot of sightseeing, I actually learn quite a bit on what I know from history and to see the places by myself in Europe. But of course shopping in Europe is still part of it, mostly branded product and I like shopping at Lafayette as well.

From this two trip I do experience things that is noteworthy for future trips. Since internet connection is quite mandatory, don’t forget to get a pocket wifi at the airport. Countries like Japan and in Europe, they would have the pocket wifi. Then the tax refund, especially in Europe if you buy more than 155 Euro you can get a tax refund. Make sure all the receipt is well kept and come earlier to the airport (like 4 hours earlier) because it is a long line in Europe not as easy as in Japan or Korea.


All in all last trip was pretty amazing, I enjoyed it very much with my family. As always Sweet Escape was there to capture every moment of it. I really like their service, they always have the best photographer at every town. Lastly, It is always nice to just getaway for a bit and recharge, ready to do more in 2018. Write your comment below regarding your last trip. Until next time!







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