Celebrating The Year Of Dog

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and on this year it falls on 16th February. As part of the Chinese family traditions there are things that I need to prepare beforehand closing up to the Chinese New Year’s Day.Though part of this year Joe won’t be joining us because he needs to work abroad. So on today’s blog I want to share with you the things that I do before the celebration day.


Styling my kids and I with Uniqlo’s comfortable T-shirts and blouses

Sweep and SWEEP! A lot of you may know this ritual which is the rules about sweeping your house before CNY’s day. As we believe that this means casting out all the bad luck from our household. Not just sweeping in particular, but general cleaning as well (to moms out there we do cleaning everyday though, don’t we? haha) and this will give space for all the luck that we will receive on CNY’s day. That is why on that day we should not sweep our floors anymore or do any sort of major cleaning.


Raara’s wearing Uniqlo kids cotton dress

Decorating and FOOD! Red is the main colour when it comes to CNY’s day at our house. Red means bringing good luck to our household, aside from the red decorations I would put on some Chinese writings that have good meanings. When it comes to food there are several must-have items, such as; the layered cake (kue lapis) this also means many layers of good luck (oh yes! we want to have all the luck hehehe), then a boiled whole chicken that shows the prosperity of the family and of course range of cakes and oranges. Lastly for dinner I serve 12 different kinds of vegetables for my whole family to dine.


Mika in Uniqlo red stripe T-shirt with navy skirts

The MONEY Envelope! This is also part of the big CNY traditions, by preparing this red envelope that contains money (hongpao). I prepare this beforehand and separate the envelope into family categories to give it away on CNY mostly to children and elders, this shows our blessings to them. From what I know, since I was young, is that you can’t have the number four (which means death in Chinese) within the amount of money that you want to give away and odd numbers as well (which means funeral in Chinese). Today you can actually customise the envelope and have names printed on it. I might do that this year.


Hiero in a comfortable long sleeve T-shirt Uniqlo kids

All Things NEW! This is my favourite! Part of our tradition is to buy several things new to complete the celebration. Starting from new bed sheets and towels all the way to new clothes. To all the women out there, you would know what this means right? Big shopping day for all of us.

This concludes the list of things that I usually do closing in to Chinese New Year’s day. I’d like to let you now that for this particular year I’m so glad that I could do a collaboration with UNIQLO and get this new sets of clothes from them! This year all of our style with the reds and all the clothes are styled from Uniqlo’s collection, so this haul from UNIQLO will definitely be part of my CNY look. Thank you UNIQLO for sponsoring this blog as well!

I hope you have an amazing celebration and until next time!