Stimuno TVC

Just earlier this year Joe included me, our children to do Stimuno’s TVC. This is my second time doing TVC with Joe. The first one was Molto which in that video we reenacted our love story. This time it’s about our family with our children go on a hiking. Honestly as a person I’m not that comfortable being in front of a camera but thankfully both times I did video like this I quite enjoyed it.


The shooting started like usual with us waking up extra early in the morning. When we reached the location, which is just a little bit outside Jakarta, we go straight to hair and make up. The camera starts rolling with us being outdoor pretending to do some hiking (I don’t know much about hiking though hehe). After all of the outdoor locations, when the sun is setting, we moved to indoor settings inside the villa. The shoot went well, only took the one whole day to finish the takes and I enjoyed working with the team. The agency and the client was great!

To my delightful surprise Hiero and Raara enjoyed the whole shooting experience as well. Mika was there as well, she couldn’t be part of the shoot because her age is an awkward age where brand can’t really put her age within the target market range. She still came and she helped out by taking care and support Hiero (they usually fight a lot, but not this time, I’m so glad). Hiero did great too, I mean I have always known that Hiero love the movie industry (taking up from his father), he acted very well during the whole shot. Raara just like usual she was being shy at first, when the director asked her to do something she said she couldn’t do it but when the camera started to roll she knew exactly what to do (I think she just didin’t want to show off).

The thing about this shooting that I liked the most was actually the product itself. I have been giving my children Stimuno. It is really good to be consume daily and especially to increase your body immune system when the children are showing signs of contracting something. Plus the packaging is very handy in a form of a sachet. Stimuno also works for adult, which is called the Stimuno Forte in a form of capsule. Both are travel friendly product, easy to be brought with us anywhere and anytime.

Talking about taking care of health, just a bonus thought here, some tips to keep your family and your body immune boosted;
1. Don’t let them stay up too late
2. Don’t let them eat too many fast foods
3. Tell them to exercise instead of just idling in front of the gadgets.
4. Lastly they shouldn’t be too stress (especially with all the school pressures)

I hope you enjoy my stories and what I have written in this blog. I put a YouTube link down below to see the video for Stimuno. Until next time!








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