Traveling Can Be Easy

Hello everyone! Holiday is just around the corner. On today’s blog I want to share with you my tips and my favorites when it comes to planning my holiday trip. From the airline to the things that I packed inside of my bag. I hope this can help you prepare for your upcoming trip this holiday!

Let’s start with the airline, I am a Garuda (not sponsored by them) frequent flyer. When you like a certain airlines I would suggest you sign up for their membership and start collecting frequent flyer miles, this will give you so many benefits on your upcoming trip. So, for me Garuda is my favorite and I fly with it while collecting all the Garuda miles.


Then when I want to book a hotel, I will book from my favorite website (this is not sponsored as well hehe) which is Agoda. I have been booking trips with them and I’m always satisfied with the offer and the hotels selections.

Next let’s talk about baggages! As women I bet you all love to have space for all of your shopping spree on holiday. So I will always have a big luggages and a cabin because I only have a small purse to bring with me.

Let’s talk about the cabin first. Inside my cabin I actually bring a complete set of scarfs, make up bag, glasses, charger, spare clothes, a mini bath amenities, and hair iron. This is because of my bad experiences. I was stranded a couple of times at the airport because of some reasons and I didn’t have my luggage so having all this in my cabin will save my life (and maybe yours if this ever happen to you). I can comfortably shower and change when I need to.


When I bring the big luggages I will make sure I have a quite empty luggages so in other words pack lightly. You will want to have space when you shop a lot.  Especially when I go to Seoul I will always go with an empty luggage and came home with filled luggage. Even if I go to other countries I would do the same (women would understand what I meant) filling it up with stuff I can not buy in Jakarta.


After that when I reached the airport, there are only two things I would do. I will eat at the airport and I shop around the duty free (especially at the big airport abroad) before I boarded the airplane. Once I boarded and fly the things that I do within the airplane is movie marathon. Maybe catch some sleep on the red eye.

So, those are some things that I do for my holiday preps. The most important tips is to book everything in advanced. Don’t plan your holiday in a rush, make sure everything is well prepared. So we can get a good ticket price and good hotels. Especially if we need visas to visit certain place be mindful you might want to do that months in advanced.

There you go! I hope you can enjoy this year end holiday. I’ll talk to you soon. Until next time!






My Hiero

Have you ever looked at your child and realize that they have been growing so much that they started to act differently than the years before? I just realized this recently with my son, Hiero. On today’s post I want to share some of his funny peculiar behavior. I hope you enjoy the stories.

It all started with a pair of glasses. He has been looking at people wearing glasses and he wanted one for himself, he said at school he couldn’t really see the whiteboard. That time when he was younger and we can’t test his eyes yet, so when he is older we brought him to the optic and run a test for his eyesight. He wanted to wear the glass so badly and so he acted as if he couldn’t read any of the letter, from the largest to the smallest letter. I figure out that Hiero was just acting out so I told him, if he cannot read any of it we cannot make any glasses for him (parents out there must have known these white lies haha!). After saying that apparently he can read everything, his eyesight is perfect so then we give him a glasses that has no prescription just a glasses with UV protection. He was so happy, he wears it everyday and where ever he goes to. For quite sometime he thought he has a prescribed glasses, until we told him he has perfect eyesight.

Heiro and his hair, Hiero has a very straight up hair. I wanted to curl his hair (moms out there who like to dress up their children must understand this too). At first he really didn’t like the idea. well he refused it. I tried to convince him that it will look nice on him. So somehow along the way he let me do it. So we did it, we curl his hair ourselves. We bought the chemical and the tools to curl his hair and guess what? He loves it! A lot actually, he loves it so much he wouldn’t allow us to cut his hair. He is afraid if he cut it, the curl will go away. Today Hiero rocked his curled hair like never before.


And another unique funny story is Hiero and his muscles. I have no idea why this even started with him, it might be because of his father. Hiero does abs and biceps training, to see my son doing crunches and push ups every now and then is just quite funny and cute at the same time. These days everytime he remembers and get a chance to do it, he will be on the floor with a couple of push ups and sit ups. He would go proudly to us and show how much muscle he has grown. Such a funny boy!

I don’t know if you have any stories like this with your children. They are truly the joy of our lives as parents. For me to be able to see my children grow, these are really great moments in life. Whether they are doing their unique funny thing or achieving things at school, I love seeing them change every year. This is one of those good stories I just want to share with all of you. Maybe next time I will write about my other two children. Tell me your story on the comment section down below or leave a message at my Instagram. Until next time!



Parents Pro Tips: Gadget Limit

Hello everyone! On today’s blog I want to share parenting tips regarding gadgets vs kids, I hope this could inspire you!
On this busy modern world, we cannot deny that even children today are exposed to technology (a.k.a gadget). We as parents sometimes has no choice either but to introduce gadget to them from an early age. This is true for my case, my children are one of those who loves their gadgets more than interacting with their surroundings. They are glued to their tablets or their phones. I realized this is not healthy anymore.
So I decided that this has to stop, even though I cannot deny the fact that it is a modern world and gadget helps with my parenting (some of the apps or videos are actually educating). I think I just have to put a limit to it. So I came up with this, they can only have their gadget on the weekend. Also the time limit on the gadget is also depending on how they respond on the weekdays. The more they do their homework on time and be good the whole weekdays the more they have their gadget privilege on weekend. But if they break rules, it simply means no gadget.
When I first started this, my second born were not happy about it, he was complaining. Although Mika the oldest just went with it without protest (Raara is the easiest to manage, because aside from her gadget she loves other activities too). I was being persistent even though sometimes they ask me for gadget on weekdays but I just follow through. Until finally they get used to it, it becomes a habit that gadget is off limits on weekdays. They become warmer somehow without the gadget. Maybe because they are more connected to the surroundings and me. Several behavior changes were also noted.
Some of the benefit from this is both Mika and Hiero has become more productive. Mika spend her free time playing her ukulele or piano and exploring music and as for Hiero he started to draw on his sketch book more often (he is pretty good in what he is doing), also he now interact more with his sisters as well. I’m so happy that this works well, this has improved their weekdays studies as well.
So maybe you could try this too as a mom (or dad if you so happen to read this) limit their screen time with their phones or tablet. I believe it will improve their social behavior and also their relationship with you. I see gadget is like a robot nanny where they baby sit your children replacing you. Imagine if their strongest relationship is with the gadget, they might not listen to you when you advice them or maybe they will not see you as someone important in their life because gadget is always there for them. I really think the benefit is there. But then again I am not trying to be naive, they need to be introduced to gadget because the world is very modern today and they need to be relevant. Just make sure it’s limited by you and you are not replaced by an electronic. Until next time!

Educational Kids Activity

Hello everyone, it has been months since I talked to you. Life has been pretty busy and packed. I have been opening a couple of new outlet in Jakarta, I have been traveling quite a bit. So, yes! life has been pretty busy. On today’s post I want to share to you my findings in this very busy days. This is something that can be a useful thing to do with your children in one of those days. I’m talking about kids activity that teaches them.

This website called the are kind enough to approach me with this very interactive idea to do with my kids. I tried them and it was really fun and educative, so below here is the activity that you can do with your sons or daughters. By the way this is an exclusive activity that you can only find in my blog. Enjoy!


Data analysis may sound like a pretty fancy term for kindergarten, but this year, your child will get her feet wet with it. We’re not talking high-level statistics; we’re talking about asking simple questions, such as who likes cereal for breakfast and who likes pancakes, and then charting the results. This activity puts your kid in charge of her own survey! She’ll poll her relatives and friends, collect information, and then create a colorful chart to display her findings.



What You Need:

  • Poster board
  • Markers
  • Blank paper
  • Pencil
  • Friends and family members

What You Do:

  1. In the “real” world, surveyors collect data to answer questions for many purposes, such as the United States Census, conducted every ten years to learn more about the people living in America.  Surveys help businesses, governments, and regular people answer questions. Ask your child to come up with a question she is interested in answering the people in her life. Possibilities might include: What is your favorite color? What is your favorite pet? What is your favorite fruit? What is your favorite sport?
  2. Now sit down with your child and brainstorm a list of 15-20 people she could ask to answer her chosen question. She can include grandparents, scout leaders, neighbors, friends, teachers, or anyone else in her life. Most people love being involved in surveys—it gives them a chance to voice their opinions. Make a list together of all the people she plans on surveying. If she’s able to write their names herself, let her do so. Otherwise, provide as much help as necessary.
  3. Begin collecting the information. An easy way to do this is to have your child draw a picture next to each person’s name that represents his or her response. For example, if their favorite color is red, she can make a red mark with her marker. If their favorite pet is a dog, she can draw a sketch of a dog next to their name.
  4. Once all the information has been collected, the next step is to find a way to display it! Using the poster board, design a chart listing all of the choices and the answers. One of the simplest ways to display data, which is very popular in kindergarten classrooms, is a bar graph. Here’s an example of what the results from a “Favorite Sport Survey” might look like:


Display the chart in a prominent position and be sure to let all the participants know how it all turned out. The result? Not only have you given your kid a cool way to work on math skills, but you just may have created a data junkie in the process: good news for the math ahead!

That is all from me today, until next time!



Going Back To School

People often asked me, how do I handle my three children? And one of the subject that people usually asked would be how do you decide on their education? So on today’s post I want to share a bit of tips on how I usually choose an education system for my kids.

All of my children starts their school year pretty early, they started going to school at age 1,5 years old. My reason is so that they have regular activity and also it helps them to learn how to speak faster. So I tried my best to give them my support as well so that they will always feel excited when they go to school from that early age.

unnamed (2)

Here’s a few things that I usually think  when I choose a school;

  1. First things first, whenever we want to decide which school, try to check their school curriculum, will it be suitable for your child. Let’s say whether it’s Cambridge or IB. For my children IB works better it helps them to build confidence, creativity and in that curriculum the school provides more practical studies.
  2. School distance matters! For me having a close distance with the school is very beneficial, since Jakarta has traffic problem, a short distance makes all schedule more effective. Especially if you are a working mom like me.
  3. Next… Sometimes we need to pay more attention to who are going to be their teachers. Ask the schools regarding the teachers background, we can’t afford no to be careful about this kind of things these days.
  4. Lastly, the school facilities and buildings. This might depend on the needs of your children too. A good school facilities and buildings can help your children to stay inspired being enrolled in school as well.

Education doesn’t stop at school, while they are at home we need to continue educate them as well. They way I educate them is by supporting their passion. Each of my children has different interest; like my first born she loves working with her hands, so I know what to provide for her. My second child loves movie so we always take him to a movie and because of that he love store telling at school as well. The youngest child loves drawing so I give her daily task to draw different things.


For me by the end of the day, what matter are not the title that they hold but who they will become. So going to school is to explore themselves, getting to know people and learning to be discipline, then I would let their passion drives them to be somebody one day. That is all from me today, until next time!



My Four Year Commitment

Hello everyone, I feel bad that I have not been posting any blog for the past month. Life has been busy since the holiday. I hope you all are doing well this beginning of the year. On today’s post I want to share with you about my four years commitment with this thing that I do. For four years long I have been in a committed relationship with my eyelash extension. I know you might think this blog will be purely advertising medium for my Onnie Studio, but I’m going to stop you right there. This is not a shameless promo or some sort like that(hehe)… instead this is a post that will help for those who has been using eyelash extension like me (whether you are Onnie Studio’s customer or not). Also this will help you to make a decision whether you want to start wearing it or not.
First of all I need to tackle this one myth that everybody has been saying about eyelash extensions; “will my eyelash gone bold after a long wear?”. My answer is deffinitely “NO” and I am the living proof. Then what are the causes that some people’s lashes gone bald after wearing it?
First of all I have to explain this, the human error factor. Usually, i’m not trying to bad talk other eyelash extension place, the therapist puts the fake lashes too closely to the root. Also if they didn’t put the glue correctly it will look be filling up spaces between the eyelash roots and cause the natural eyelash to fall more easily. While in other case the fake eyelash that is applied on the natural eyelash are too heavy and that can cause excessive fall out. And if you try to take off the extensions by force, that will definitely cause your natural eyelash to fall out.
So let me share with you how I have been taking care of my eyelash extension;
  1. Clean your eyes regularly, I know that sometimes people are worried that the make up remover will damage the extensions. But as long as you clean it with these guides it will be fine. If you wear a lot of make up, go ahead and take a cotton pad to clean the bigger area with a make up remover product. You can use a cotton bud for more detail cleansing. But leave the root, you can clean that up when you wash your face with your facial soap with the movement of the eyelash-shape direction. And even if you don’t wear make up, you still need to clean your whole face regularly (a clean face keeps your face young and fresh)
  2. Wear the right mascara. In order to keep the longevity of the extension make sure that your mascara is specifically for eyelash extension (yes, we sell at Onnie Studio hehe). This specific mascara (black one and transparent one) is water soluble, so it is so easy to clean. Plus it’s tear-drop proof, even if somehow you cry while wearing the black on, it won’t smudge all over your eyes since the formula is very light.
  3. Eyelash vitamin. This is a no brainer, even if you don’t wear extension like me, a vitamin for eyelash is good because it help your lashes grow even more and lushes.
If you follow these steps, your eyelash extension should be alright. Definitely regular touch up is needed. Also when you wear it, don’t be scared to touch your eyes, even if you rub it by accident it won’t be ruined. Plus our regular eyelash falls everyday (1-5 pcs a day) so your extensions will be the same. So don’t worry if you see a fall out, it’s totally normal. If you can get a proper place to put on your extensions and if you have found the perfect place try to maintain with the same person or place so that it will prevent from harsh treatment on your natural eye lash. That’s about it, until next time!

Hello 2017!

This year, the year of 2016 is almost over and today I want to rewind and reset with you. It is always nice to rethink about our life closing into the new year. I bet that 2017 will be as festive as this year or it might be as hard as this year. Whatever the feeling is towards this year I hope this blog can inspire you to have great resolution for next year.


For me 2016 was a colorful year, I’ve had my fun travelling quite a lot this year. Especially when I was traveling to Poland and Amsterdam. That was definitely the highlight of this year’s travel. Though I’ve had my tough process managing Onnie Studio while at it. Getting my business to keep running smooth was not as easy everybody thought it is. A busy business means a bigger maintenance on the people that is working for me. Maintaining people is harder than the business itself, a couple of major setbacks with the people happened this year, but overall Onnie Studio is my joy.

Now, usually around this time of the year I’m spending the holiday with my family somewhere out of town. But this year like I mentioned in the beginning I choose to stay in Jakarta and relax at home, it helps me to rewind and reset. Here are my wishes…

So this end of year I’m making a promise to myself that next year I will be even better. Better as a person (a business woman and a mother), to be more mature because let’s face it in life we constantly need to grow, also I need to think more forward and keep learning new things. Lastly I have to be more discipline with anything that I do. As for my dreams next year is that…maybe and hopefully I can finally get on Disney Cruise. I have always dreamt of it, it’s part of my bucket list.

So… last but not least my end of year message for you all women is to stay kind inside, be nice to each other because I always believe what comes around goes around. Kindness is all we can use and give in these current time with things happening around the world. All in all, be generous and loving towards anybody that you meet and share peace with them.

That is it from me today, from this last day of 2016. I wish you a Happy New Year! Until next time!



Raara ‘Quinn’ Birthday Party

I want to share this unique story of how my four years old Raara wanted a Harley Quinn theme birthday… I was definitely surprised when I found out about that (haha). The thing you should know about me is that I’m not much of a birthday-party-person. But Raara seems to really love going to her friend’s birthday party. So last month I made her dream birthday party, the Harley Quinn birthday themed (even though I have tried to convinced her with other theme she still wants Harley).


The venue that I picked was just walking distance from home, I picked a function hall so that I can bring in the caterer of my choice. My first choice was getting the food from this catering named Delima, but after I rethink about it I think it’s better if I just bring in the food myself. Besides I had helped from my PA and  Mari my sister, they were so helpful while my schedule was quite packed last month.


The most challenging part was getting Raara’s costume, I ordered from Etsy like a month before and yet after two weeks the costume had not arrived, I started to scout somewhere else and here. Indonesia is quite hard to find unique costume like that. At least the easiest decision was the decor, I always love Fairy Floss Party (@fairyflossparty) even though many other decor vendors want to give me an endorsement, I always use Fairy Floss Party.




Photo and documentation was an easy choice as well, like always by Axioo. For the goodie bags I use @sweetfavor. Their design is really cute. For the cake vendor I choose @galeriedecake. After all of the nitty gritty has been done, closing to the birthday date, I realize we didn’t have any chair for the guests. Fortunately I remember @kalalilidesigns, they have nice selections of chair designs for events and thanks to Stephanie they are available in such short notice.


All in all I got to say that everything went well. The birthday was festive and fun. Also thank God that on that day it didn’t rain, because usually it rains in the afternoon. I’m so glad that Raara was a happy baby that day. That is all from me today, until next time!



Movie Choice – November 2016

Surprise! Surprise! I’m a movie junkie! Well…I don’t think that is a mystery, anyone who knows me well enough should know that I love watching movies. So on today’s blog I’m going to talk about some of my favorite movie and my movie choice of the month.


This is a must-see-movie! You wouldn’t want to miss this one. This movie is by Mel Gibson, the same person who made The Passion of The Christ (so this movie also has it’s gory side). The main reason why I love this movie is because it’s a true story. I’m a huge fan of a true story movie, it gives me a sense of understanding towards life from other perspective. And of course the movie’s moral story moved my heart, that is life is about process and progress. Even in times of war depicted in the movie, what matters is that you never give up. Whether it is upholding your faith or marrying the girl of your dream, we’ve got to be persistent.

Aside from this movie, there are several movies that I want to share with you. My all time favorite as well and a few that I can watch over and over again is this Korean Drama (I know right? What else? Haha, us women need to see a good drama), the title of the movie is “Oh My Venus”. The story is about a woman who’s loosing her weight naturally without plastic surgery, where as you know in Korea everybody does it. Again it’s the moral of the story that attracts me as well.


Here’s a few more of the movie that I like; Headhunter, 3 Idiots (this is a good one, so inspiring!), PK, Kungfu Hustle (this is just super hilarious!), The Mermaids, Cj7, Me Before You (one of the best romantic story), Old boy (the Korean one and if you are under 17 don’t watch this haha), I saw The Devil , Schindler’s List (get lots of tissue before watching this) and last but not the least The Hundred Foot Journey (if you love cooking and enjoy culinary art, this is a MUST!).

3_idiots_poster    kungfuhustlehkposter   mv5bmzmwmtm4mdu2n15bml5banbnxkftztgwmzq0mjmxmde-_v1_uy1200_cr7306301200_al_


When I watch a movie, most of the time I watch it with Joe. Our movie taste happens to be the same. We always share the same interest and comment the same way and we always talk about the movie after we watch it. For me there are a couple of elements that is important to create a good movie. The main thing of course is the director but the details such as acting of the casts, the cinematography and as well as the story are as important, I don’t like stories that doesn’t make sense, that is what I pay attention to when I watch a movie. Well, that’s about it for now. Until next time!





My Three Little Beasts


I love babies and kids! Most of all I love my three children. I have these three little beast at home that I can’t live without. The eldest is Hyori Mikaveli Taslim, she is a tall 10 year old girl. Today when you have a 10 year old they are not really 10, but more like a 13 year old (technology just speed them up to grow). My second child is Hiero Joe Taslim, a very active and very imaginative 7 year old boy, his favourite toy is Nerf gun. Then the last but not least my little angel Kaara Ofelia Taslim, though she is only 4 years of age but she know what she wants. She loves cosmetics, that is to say dolling herself… and clothes, I guess that one came from me.


Having three children and a business is not the easiest thing to manoeuvre, but as a mother and a business woman I want to excel on both sides. So in today’s blog I want to share with you how I manage my day to day with a very packed and busy schedule. Here are a few things that you need to sort out;

  1. Get Help!
    We as mother sometimes wants to handle everything ourselves, but there is no shame in having some extra hands to help us with some of the chores. When I have to juggle a few things at one time, I’m so fortunate to have many people around me to help. Aside from the sitter that I hire I can always count on my sister, my mother and my mother in law to help me when I’m in need. When having family members to help you take care of your children, it’s probably one of the best thing to have because you can entrust them fully.
  2. Set The Priority!
    When you have a packed schedule, always write down on a calendar. Whether it is on your phone or manually on a book…you always need one. This gives a more orderly day to day activity. So you can always make sure that you don’t miss the important dates with your children and keep your work in check. For me I put everything in my phone and I prefer my schedule on a table form then on the calendar itself, it is more complicated to make but on the long run, it is easier for me to keep track.
  3. Stay Fit!
    I have been doing Muay Thai a lot lately, I love this exercise because it is fun to do and I can sweat a lot in one session. Having exercise regularly help me stay fit, plus we have to watch out with what we eat. This maybe is not the easiest thing to do, when we are tired we tend to just lay down at home, eat a lot and be a potato couch (especially when we are stressed haha) But this is for a better lifestyle it is important. I can testify to you by doing this you will have more energy to juggle any crazy packed day.



So these are three things that I usually do to stay ahead as working mom, but it doesn’t mean that I have succeed in doing everything, there are things that I still need to improve. One last thing that all of us need to remember, don’t feel guilty when we have to leave our children, we just need to be creative in scheduling and prioritising. I hope this can help you! I also would like to hear your stories, so leave me a message at the comment section below, let me know how you balance your working life while being a mom. That is it from me today,  until next time!