My Joe

Hello world, It has been forever since the last time I talked to you. On today’s blog I want to dedicate this to someone special… My Joe! My special someone, my husband and the father of my three children.


Joe is so many things to me… Joe is definitely a family man, he is responsible towards his kids and a faithful husband.Many people might ask if I ever worry about Joe because of his job occupation, the thing is I know Joe very well and I know for sure that he is not that kind of person. That is why I always support him as he is my biggest supporter. I don’t know what my life would be without him. Aside from being a faithful husband he never question what I do with my career instead he always gave me comfort and let me do my best.

He really enjoys his quality time whenever he is at home with us (when he is not busy traveling the world and making movies hehe). What he loves the most is watching movies and having dinner with us. He is not much of a ‘hang out’ guy with random people. He definitely cherishes his family, like I said… he is a family man.


When it comes to fathering our children he is so extra. Extra protective (in a good way haha). Whenever he knows that his child is sick he will give all of his 1000% attention to his child. He is a very entertaining father as well, I guess it comes with his career as an actor. But all in all he is a loving father indeed.


I know this has been a bit overdue but I want to say something to Joe this year. I honestly have never seen a man working as hard as you. You dedicate your everything on your career and you are very responsible with what has been trusted to you. I wish that everything that you have accomplished up until this moment will last forever, because you deserve it. You are my hero…


I hope that this blog can show you guys a little bit more about Joe. The person that I really love and as one of the most important person in my life. I promise I will be more on time with my posting next time. Until next time!






Travel Series: South Africa

Hello everyone! It is so good to be able to sit down and share with you again. On today’s blog I want to start this new series called the Travel Series. I realise with the amount of travel in a year it would be great to compact it in series.


A couple months ago I went to South Africa – Cape Town, twice! The first one was to surprised Joe because he had to be there for 3 months on a TV series shoot. So on today’s blog I’m want to share with you all about it.

Getting there is pretty easy! The first one of course get your visa (our green passport needs a lot of visa to travel), then book a ticket. From my experience, if you go through Singapore with SQ you will have three transits. But with Emirates just two transits. The duration varies from 14,5 hours to 18 hours flight in total, not including transit time.


Things that I like the most about Cape Town is how the sky is so clear and the air is so clean, even though it was a bit chilly at that time it was still perfect. It’s quiet and I get to run outdoor which was so refreshing. I can actually just had a day spending time doing nothing while watching sunsets at the Clifton beach. I even went to this one of the beach called the Boulders beach where it’s filled with penguins! I visited a few iconic places there as well.



Then, one of the days I was there we went to visit the cheetah. One of the fastest big cats in the wilderness. When I met with the cheetah they told me to kneel, if not they would think of us as their enemies (or maybe in my case their prey haha). But they are such beautiful wild animals.  The Cheetah Outreach that I visited was made to protect them because the farmer has been shooting them. What happened was the cheetah keep attacking their animals on the farm so they would usually defend their farm by shooting down the cheetah. So the outreach also raise dogs that can be bred to protect farms by  chasing the cheetah away (isn’t that cool, dogs chasing after cheetah).


While I’m in that beautiful city I learned that water is rare there. They have a water dam to conserve their water usage, so whenever the water level reach a certain level the government will announce that the water is almost finish. I learned a lot about conserving water and when I came home I realise how wasteful we are with water usage here in Jakarta. I think we should be more careful in how we conserve this kind of things because it wouldn’t last forever.

In Cape Town I visited Joe’s set as well, I think it’s always fun to see him on set. I get to see behind the scenes, see Joe on make up and of course how the crew works together creating a production. The best part of all is meeting new people and get to know all of them too.


Overall I really enjoyed my visit there, the only downside was just the food. I didn’t really like it, I ended up eating a lot of Asian food. I hope I’ll be back to South Africa again, it is such a good place to retreat and clear my mind from everything. I hope you enjoy this read, until next time!





Are We Healthy?

Let’s talk about healthy lifestyle today! These days people and especially women are more open to healthier life. As we know, the world is getting more toxic and diseases are everywhere. I, myself can’t really remember when I started this healthy lifestyle (I think it must be somewhere when my body weight bounced up haha). So on today’s blog I want to share my ideas on healthier life.

  1. Food Intake
    Let’s start with fried foods, this is honestly quite hard for me to do. Deep fried foods contain oil that is unhealthy for our body. Even so, our body still need fat but we can always alternate to good fats (olive oil, avocado, eggs, and so on). Plants and fruits are really good for our body (I think this is a known fact). Try not to eat processed food, for example if you want to eat chicken then eat real chicken meat instead of processed chicken meat like nuggets. Whole foods is a better choice for a healthier meal.
  2. Meal Plan
    Reduce the intake of rice and other carbs like flours in your food. Drink lots and lots of water, at least 2 litters a day or if it’s possible 3 litters a day. Sugar needs to be eliminated from your dietary. Eat on a schedule (we need to be on time), don’t skip a meal including dinner, just make sure you eat a healthy meal.
  3. The Myth Of Wheat
    Now this next one I’m going to try to explain as simple as I can. I’m sure many of you heard that wheat is good for you, I thought so too. I was on a wheat breakfast diet for a while back then because I have problem with my digestion. Apparently according to a doctor that I know, wheat is actually harmful for human digestive system. She said that wheats are design for cows (which has 4 stomach), so wheat needs to be digested 4 times. Our stomach is only one, can you imagine how it will turn our being digested in one stomach? (For further info I would suggest you to google it hehehe)
  4. Avoid At All Times
    We should try to always cigarette or people smoking around you as much as possible. No offence to people who smokes, but it is a known fact that many disadvantages came from smoking itself.
  5. Do The Work Out
    I can’t stress enough how work out is really beneficial for our health. I know to start working out is hard but once you feel the benefit you will enjoy it. Always pick the right kind of work out for yourself.

My tips on doing all this is to do it slowly but sure, if you can change how you live now that is great but I think step by step is better. Also don’t forget to exercise regularly, our body needs active movement. All in all our mindset is going to determine how much we can change. I honestly can’t really cook healthy foods (I know some people can) but I make sure whenever I eat I am mindful to what I want to consume, so mindset is very important.

I hope my sharing today can help motivate you to start doing this. In a modern world like this, where pollution and radiation getting higher plus many other factors can cause our health, I think it is important to start doing healthy lifestyle. That is it from me, stay healthy and until next time!





Stimuno TVC

Just earlier this year Joe included me, our children to do Stimuno’s TVC. This is my second time doing TVC with Joe. The first one was Molto which in that video we reenacted our love story. This time it’s about our family with our children go on a hiking. Honestly as a person I’m not that comfortable being in front of a camera but thankfully both times I did video like this I quite enjoyed it.


The shooting started like usual with us waking up extra early in the morning. When we reached the location, which is just a little bit outside Jakarta, we go straight to hair and make up. The camera starts rolling with us being outdoor pretending to do some hiking (I don’t know much about hiking though hehe). After all of the outdoor locations, when the sun is setting, we moved to indoor settings inside the villa. The shoot went well, only took the one whole day to finish the takes and I enjoyed working with the team. The agency and the client was great!

To my delightful surprise Hiero and Raara enjoyed the whole shooting experience as well. Mika was there as well, she couldn’t be part of the shoot because her age is an awkward age where brand can’t really put her age within the target market range. She still came and she helped out by taking care and support Hiero (they usually fight a lot, but not this time, I’m so glad). Hiero did great too, I mean I have always known that Hiero love the movie industry (taking up from his father), he acted very well during the whole shot. Raara just like usual she was being shy at first, when the director asked her to do something she said she couldn’t do it but when the camera started to roll she knew exactly what to do (I think she just didin’t want to show off).

The thing about this shooting that I liked the most was actually the product itself. I have been giving my children Stimuno. It is really good to be consume daily and especially to increase your body immune system when the children are showing signs of contracting something. Plus the packaging is very handy in a form of a sachet. Stimuno also works for adult, which is called the Stimuno Forte in a form of capsule. Both are travel friendly product, easy to be brought with us anywhere and anytime.

Talking about taking care of health, just a bonus thought here, some tips to keep your family and your body immune boosted;
1. Don’t let them stay up too late
2. Don’t let them eat too many fast foods
3. Tell them to exercise instead of just idling in front of the gadgets.
4. Lastly they shouldn’t be too stress (especially with all the school pressures)

I hope you enjoy my stories and what I have written in this blog. I put a YouTube link down below to see the video for Stimuno. Until next time!







Celebrating The Year Of Dog

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and on this year it falls on 16th February. As part of the Chinese family traditions there are things that I need to prepare beforehand closing up to the Chinese New Year’s Day.Though part of this year Joe won’t be joining us because he needs to work abroad. So on today’s blog I want to share with you the things that I do before the celebration day.


Styling my kids and I with Uniqlo’s comfortable T-shirts and blouses

Sweep and SWEEP! A lot of you may know this ritual which is the rules about sweeping your house before CNY’s day. As we believe that this means casting out all the bad luck from our household. Not just sweeping in particular, but general cleaning as well (to moms out there we do cleaning everyday though, don’t we? haha) and this will give space for all the luck that we will receive on CNY’s day. That is why on that day we should not sweep our floors anymore or do any sort of major cleaning.


Raara’s wearing Uniqlo kids cotton dress

Decorating and FOOD! Red is the main colour when it comes to CNY’s day at our house. Red means bringing good luck to our household, aside from the red decorations I would put on some Chinese writings that have good meanings. When it comes to food there are several must-have items, such as; the layered cake (kue lapis) this also means many layers of good luck (oh yes! we want to have all the luck hehehe), then a boiled whole chicken that shows the prosperity of the family and of course range of cakes and oranges. Lastly for dinner I serve 12 different kinds of vegetables for my whole family to dine.


Mika in Uniqlo red stripe T-shirt with navy skirts

The MONEY Envelope! This is also part of the big CNY traditions, by preparing this red envelope that contains money (hongpao). I prepare this beforehand and separate the envelope into family categories to give it away on CNY mostly to children and elders, this shows our blessings to them. From what I know, since I was young, is that you can’t have the number four (which means death in Chinese) within the amount of money that you want to give away and odd numbers as well (which means funeral in Chinese). Today you can actually customise the envelope and have names printed on it. I might do that this year.


Hiero in a comfortable long sleeve T-shirt Uniqlo kids

All Things NEW! This is my favourite! Part of our tradition is to buy several things new to complete the celebration. Starting from new bed sheets and towels all the way to new clothes. To all the women out there, you would know what this means right? Big shopping day for all of us.

This concludes the list of things that I usually do closing in to Chinese New Year’s day. I’d like to let you now that for this particular year I’m so glad that I could do a collaboration with UNIQLO and get this new sets of clothes from them! This year all of our style with the reds and all the clothes are styled from Uniqlo’s collection, so this haul from UNIQLO will definitely be part of my CNY look. Thank you UNIQLO for sponsoring this blog as well!

I hope you have an amazing celebration and until next time!






Holiday Marathon


Hello there! I am finally back and have been doing a couple of things after the holiday. If some of you have been following me on Instagram (@julietaslim) you would know by now that last holiday I was REALLY traveling. We went to two different parts of the world and on today’s blog I cannot wait to tell you about it.

The first half of the trip I went on a 13 days trip to Tokyo, Japan, followed up by 19 days trip to Europe (Genova, Oleggio, Milan, Paris). People might think it was such a long tiring trip but not for me, I am such an easy going person so it was a nice family holiday.

On the trip to Japan it was mostly our family with both of my mom and Joe’s mom. I like Tokyo, it’s a vibrant modern city with many to explore to. Lot’s of places to shop from the cheap ones to the expensive ones (you know how I like it? haha shopping is always part of my trip). The part that I like about shopping there was to hunt for good quality items, because I don’t need to shop for branded stuff all the time.

In Tokyo we went to theme parks, the trip was with my kids and they enjoyed the theme parks. We went to FujiQ and Disneyland for sure. If you have followed my social media you must have seen one of the story post when my kids was on of the extreme rides and I just watch them go hahaha. My favorite place to go to in Tokyo was Daiso, I love buying trivial stuff from Daiso. Another place that is similar to that and worth to look at is Tokyu Hands.


On our trip to Europe, we were actually invited by our friend Diana and Emanuelle to Genova. The amazing part of this trip was when my husband met the town mayor in Genova, he was a humble man who gave our family an exclusive tour at his office. Definitely an unforgettable one, the building was beautiful and historical.

This trip is a bit different with the one in Japan. In Europe it was a lot of sightseeing, I actually learn quite a bit on what I know from history and to see the places by myself in Europe. But of course shopping in Europe is still part of it, mostly branded product and I like shopping at Lafayette as well.

From this two trip I do experience things that is noteworthy for future trips. Since internet connection is quite mandatory, don’t forget to get a pocket wifi at the airport. Countries like Japan and in Europe, they would have the pocket wifi. Then the tax refund, especially in Europe if you buy more than 155 Euro you can get a tax refund. Make sure all the receipt is well kept and come earlier to the airport (like 4 hours earlier) because it is a long line in Europe not as easy as in Japan or Korea.


All in all last trip was pretty amazing, I enjoyed it very much with my family. As always Sweet Escape was there to capture every moment of it. I really like their service, they always have the best photographer at every town. Lastly, It is always nice to just getaway for a bit and recharge, ready to do more in 2018. Write your comment below regarding your last trip. Until next time!






Holiday In The Land of Kimchi

As you know my business cause me to fly back and forth to Seoul. On this holiday season I want to share a little bit of my favorite thing about Seoul. I definitely enjoy my trip every time I go there, I’m just a little bit sick and tired of the flight. I wish Doraemon’s magic door exist that would be great! Anyways here are the things that I love from Seoul.


My favorite place to eat would be Baek Jeong BBQ, this is perfect if you love Korean BBQ. Then Nolbu Budae Jigae, this is basically a huge pot of dish with ramen inside, meats, spam, and other goodness. Then chicken and beer, Korean’s chicken is really good, this kind of shop is literally everywhere. If you like snacking go to Isaac Toast (it’s located all over Seoul, so easy to find). Lastly for dessert I love M Lady at Itaewon.

My favorite shopping spot would be Shinsaege Mall which located near Myeon Dong, Lotte Duty Free, Emart and Lottemart supermarket. These are basically malls and department store that I always go whenever I’m there. Next is Dong Dae Mun area, I guess a lot of you would know by now, this is where you do midnight shopping. The buildings that I usually go to is Doota and Migliore. Then there’s this market district right across Myeong Dong called the Nam Dae Mun. Another district called the Garo Su Gil which has lots and lots of cute cafes as well. Lastly of course Myeong Dong itself, this is just like Orchard Road in Singapore or Mongkok in Hongkong.


My favorite location to book a hotel is Myeong Dong for sure. This location is central and close to the northern side and the southern side (where Gang Nam and Garo Su Gil located), so it is a perfect location to book a hotel. Plus the shopping area is literally right there!

Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendation when it comes to sightseeing in Korea. Whenever I go there most of the time is for Style Onnies or Onnie Studio. But I still love going to Seoul. I think the experience on the city itself with the people and the food is great. If you have never been you should go at least once or twice in a lifetime.

Christmas and New Year is here, so I wish you a great holiday to all of you out there! Until next time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





Traveling Can Be Easy

Hello everyone! Holiday is just around the corner. On today’s blog I want to share with you my tips and my favorites when it comes to planning my holiday trip. From the airline to the things that I packed inside of my bag. I hope this can help you prepare for your upcoming trip this holiday!

Let’s start with the airline, I am a Garuda (not sponsored by them) frequent flyer. When you like a certain airlines I would suggest you sign up for their membership and start collecting frequent flyer miles, this will give you so many benefits on your upcoming trip. So, for me Garuda is my favorite and I fly with it while collecting all the Garuda miles.


Then when I want to book a hotel, I will book from my favorite website (this is not sponsored as well hehe) which is Agoda. I have been booking trips with them and I’m always satisfied with the offer and the hotels selections.

Next let’s talk about baggages! As women I bet you all love to have space for all of your shopping spree on holiday. So I will always have a big luggages and a cabin because I only have a small purse to bring with me.

Let’s talk about the cabin first. Inside my cabin I actually bring a complete set of scarfs, make up bag, glasses, charger, spare clothes, a mini bath amenities, and hair iron. This is because of my bad experiences. I was stranded a couple of times at the airport because of some reasons and I didn’t have my luggage so having all this in my cabin will save my life (and maybe yours if this ever happen to you). I can comfortably shower and change when I need to.


When I bring the big luggages I will make sure I have a quite empty luggages so in other words pack lightly. You will want to have space when you shop a lot.  Especially when I go to Seoul I will always go with an empty luggage and came home with filled luggage. Even if I go to other countries I would do the same (women would understand what I meant) filling it up with stuff I can not buy in Jakarta.


After that when I reached the airport, there are only two things I would do. I will eat at the airport and I shop around the duty free (especially at the big airport abroad) before I boarded the airplane. Once I boarded and fly the things that I do within the airplane is movie marathon. Maybe catch some sleep on the red eye.

So, those are some things that I do for my holiday preps. The most important tips is to book everything in advanced. Don’t plan your holiday in a rush, make sure everything is well prepared. So we can get a good ticket price and good hotels. Especially if we need visas to visit certain place be mindful you might want to do that months in advanced.

There you go! I hope you can enjoy this year end holiday. I’ll talk to you soon. Until next time!





My Hiero

Have you ever looked at your child and realize that they have been growing so much that they started to act differently than the years before? I just realized this recently with my son, Hiero. On today’s post I want to share some of his funny peculiar behavior. I hope you enjoy the stories.

It all started with a pair of glasses. He has been looking at people wearing glasses and he wanted one for himself, he said at school he couldn’t really see the whiteboard. That time when he was younger and we can’t test his eyes yet, so when he is older we brought him to the optic and run a test for his eyesight. He wanted to wear the glass so badly and so he acted as if he couldn’t read any of the letter, from the largest to the smallest letter. I figure out that Hiero was just acting out so I told him, if he cannot read any of it we cannot make any glasses for him (parents out there must have known these white lies haha!). After saying that apparently he can read everything, his eyesight is perfect so then we give him a glasses that has no prescription just a glasses with UV protection. He was so happy, he wears it everyday and where ever he goes to. For quite sometime he thought he has a prescribed glasses, until we told him he has perfect eyesight.

Heiro and his hair, Hiero has a very straight up hair. I wanted to curl his hair (moms out there who like to dress up their children must understand this too). At first he really didn’t like the idea. well he refused it. I tried to convince him that it will look nice on him. So somehow along the way he let me do it. So we did it, we curl his hair ourselves. We bought the chemical and the tools to curl his hair and guess what? He loves it! A lot actually, he loves it so much he wouldn’t allow us to cut his hair. He is afraid if he cut it, the curl will go away. Today Hiero rocked his curled hair like never before.


And another unique funny story is Hiero and his muscles. I have no idea why this even started with him, it might be because of his father. Hiero does abs and biceps training, to see my son doing crunches and push ups every now and then is just quite funny and cute at the same time. These days everytime he remembers and get a chance to do it, he will be on the floor with a couple of push ups and sit ups. He would go proudly to us and show how much muscle he has grown. Such a funny boy!

I don’t know if you have any stories like this with your children. They are truly the joy of our lives as parents. For me to be able to see my children grow, these are really great moments in life. Whether they are doing their unique funny thing or achieving things at school, I love seeing them change every year. This is one of those good stories I just want to share with all of you. Maybe next time I will write about my other two children. Tell me your story on the comment section down below or leave a message at my Instagram. Until next time!



Parents Pro Tips: Gadget Limit

Hello everyone! On today’s blog I want to share parenting tips regarding gadgets vs kids, I hope this could inspire you!
On this busy modern world, we cannot deny that even children today are exposed to technology (a.k.a gadget). We as parents sometimes has no choice either but to introduce gadget to them from an early age. This is true for my case, my children are one of those who loves their gadgets more than interacting with their surroundings. They are glued to their tablets or their phones. I realized this is not healthy anymore.
So I decided that this has to stop, even though I cannot deny the fact that it is a modern world and gadget helps with my parenting (some of the apps or videos are actually educating). I think I just have to put a limit to it. So I came up with this, they can only have their gadget on the weekend. Also the time limit on the gadget is also depending on how they respond on the weekdays. The more they do their homework on time and be good the whole weekdays the more they have their gadget privilege on weekend. But if they break rules, it simply means no gadget.
When I first started this, my second born were not happy about it, he was complaining. Although Mika the oldest just went with it without protest (Raara is the easiest to manage, because aside from her gadget she loves other activities too). I was being persistent even though sometimes they ask me for gadget on weekdays but I just follow through. Until finally they get used to it, it becomes a habit that gadget is off limits on weekdays. They become warmer somehow without the gadget. Maybe because they are more connected to the surroundings and me. Several behavior changes were also noted.
Some of the benefit from this is both Mika and Hiero has become more productive. Mika spend her free time playing her ukulele or piano and exploring music and as for Hiero he started to draw on his sketch book more often (he is pretty good in what he is doing), also he now interact more with his sisters as well. I’m so happy that this works well, this has improved their weekdays studies as well.
So maybe you could try this too as a mom (or dad if you so happen to read this) limit their screen time with their phones or tablet. I believe it will improve their social behavior and also their relationship with you. I see gadget is like a robot nanny where they baby sit your children replacing you. Imagine if their strongest relationship is with the gadget, they might not listen to you when you advice them or maybe they will not see you as someone important in their life because gadget is always there for them. I really think the benefit is there. But then again I am not trying to be naive, they need to be introduced to gadget because the world is very modern today and they need to be relevant. Just make sure it’s limited by you and you are not replaced by an electronic. Until next time!